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Modern Armoires

When extra bedroom storage is called for, a modern armoire solves the problem elegantly. Our modern armoires are stylishly suited to both small and large bedrooms, and offer a spot of extra storage for clothes, bags, and accessories.

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Modern armoires have come a long way since clunky, massive wardrobes were the only options available. Today’s sleek and stylish contemporary armoire designs present a range of options for apartment or house, making the lack of closet space less of a dilemma than ever. Should you choose to purchase a modern armoire, though, be sure to ask yourself some key questions before settling on the best modern closet option that fulfills your clothing storage needs.

When should I buy a modern armoire?

The main reason for buying an armoire is, of course, that you need more closet space. Armoires are viable substitutes for today’s modern closets, and when you have very little space for your clothes, or have simply outgrown your closets, a contemporary armoire may do the job nicely. There might be other reasons that make you spring for an armoire, though, and that’s esthetic. A beautiful modern armoire can be a true statement piece for a bedroom, making it both practical and a major design element—so, as it is with any furniture, don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to an armoire simply because of its good looks, and not simply because you need a modern wardrobe.

What should I look for in a modern armoire?

Approach armoire design as you would the design of modern closets. An armoire that doesn’t provide smart storage space is something of a waste. Owing to their typically large sizes, modern armoires take up lots of room, and that room should ideally be maximized. A large contemporary armoire with narrow drawers and impractical hanging space that doesn’t make use of its dimensions efficiently is never the smartest option. Think in terms of a modern wardrobe that holds and organizes as many clothes and accessories as possible, without being either crammed or wasting valuable space.

Are modern armoires only for clothes?

Not necessarily. Armoires are more than just stand-ins for the modern closet. With a few adjustments, modern wardrobes can be turned into any kind of storage cabinet, from media units to kitchen storage piece, so one way to determine if an armoire is a good investment is to imagine it as something else. Could you see your modern armoire in another room, and does it contain elements that, if needed, can be easily adjusted to fit storage needs other than clothes and accessories. Buying with longevity and flexibility in mind is always a good idea with all modern furniture.

Is a small bedroom too small for a contemporary armoire?

Not always. Armoires don’t have to be huge to be useful. A small modern armoire can still provide ample space for hanging clothes and holding everything from folded clothes to accessories, so even if you have a small bedroom, an armoire may be perfectly appropriate. Bear in mind that, depending on the design you select, while an armoire can be a substitute for a modern closet, it can also, have ample storage for most anything, making it a all-in-one piece of furniture for myriad uses.