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Meet, relax, and collaborate with inspired office lounge furniture. Our eclectic collection of designs includes elegantly upholstered sofas, arm chairs, and ottomans by leading brands, including Knoll, Calligaris, Blu Dot and Gus*

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Furnishing a modern office involves more than outfitting individual office spaces. Modern office furniture for communal and collaborative spaces—reception areas, waiting rooms, and eating areas—are also integral to modern office design, and selecting furnishing for these areas may present a challenge. However, by asking yourself some key questions about your modern office furniture needs, you can easily arrive at a selection of waiting room chairs and other office seating that helps create the kind of comfortable and welcoming office environment you’re after.

Why is waiting room furniture so important?

Waiting rooms and reception areas present a unique set of challenges because they offer an opportunity to create a memorable first impression. When assessing modern office design, note that these are the areas where clients, customers, prospective employees, and the general public get a chance to form an initial impression about you and your company, so it’s important that appropriate thought be given to the kind of reception furniture and waiting room chairs you select. Creating a welcoming reception space is as important as a stylish one, so the choice of modern office furniture in a waiting room should, ideally, be both visually appealing and emotionally inspiring to your visitors and employees.

How comfortable should waiting room chairs be?

Naturally, comfort matters in modern office design, and reception chairs are no exception. As it is with any seating design, uncomfortable waiting room furniture adds nothing to the experience for your visitors, and, on the other hand, may detract from a good impression—so well designed, comfortable reception chairs are a simple way to make a communal space a place where a visitor actually wants to be.

That said, the level of comfort in reception furniture by no means needs to match that of, say, an office chair that is used for several hours a day. Waiting room chairs are typically used, at most, for 30 minutes or less, so by all means aim for comfort, but make comfort one of the factors, not the only one. Good looks and durability are just as important when selecting modern office furniture for reception areas. Handsome, well constructed waiting room chairs enhance the overall visual impact of modern office design, while simultaneously being a smart long-term investment.

How important is style, when choosing modern office furniture for the waiting room?

Style matters when making a first impression, so selecting attractive waiting room chairs is definitely a key element. Seating plays the most important role in communicating a warm, thoughtful communal environment for visitors, interviewees, and clients, but it also says something about you and your company. Unlike office and conference room chairs, which are typically reserved for employees alone, the modern office furniture you choose for waiting rooms or reception areas should present a positive impression to visitors from every angle—practicality, comfort, and esthetics. Still a modern office design scheme that includes unattractive waiting room furniture, no matter how practical or comfortable, will create an unnecessarily unfavorable first impression—so, why take the chance?